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Khaled Barghouthi is a professional dancer and choreographer. Born in a village near Ramallah, he studied dance in Belgium. He tries to perform in Palestine whenever possible but said due to the lack of opportunities in the West Bank he has to work in Europe if he wants to dance professionally. But when Khaled is in Palestine, he teaches dance at the Ramallah Ballet Centre and gives workshops about dance at the Franco-German Cultural Center in Ramallah.

© David Brunetti

Maya Khaldi is a Palestinian musician and singer. I met Maya in her father’s house, her favourite place in Ramallah, after a long day of teaching and preparing for exams.

Maya is singing with several groups and has performed numerous Jazz-fusion gigs with Palestinian musicians. Maya also teaches music theory, early childhood music education and conducts three choirs at The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.

© David Brunetti

This is my portrait of Ash Perrin, the ringleader of the Flying Seagull, a troupe of children's entertainers. Working in association with charities, schools, and care centres the Flying seagull team travel across Romania in the flying seagull bus. They visit orphanages, hospitals, gypsy communities, the rural poor,care homes, schools, youth clubs, the homeless, the elderly and many street performances to give a large dose of, entertainment and laughter to those who need cheering up.

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