shabbos with yehoram by David Brunetti

"David Brunetti; Documentray; Documentary photography; reportage; reportage photography; travel photography; portrait; portraiture; portrait photography; photojournalism; photojournalist; photographer; photography; personal wrk; personal project; Israel; Palestine; Middle East; Near East; Jewish tradition; Judaism; Shabbes; Shabbat; Shabbos; Friday night dinner; Jerusalem; Me'a She'arim; Mea Shearim; Orthodoxy; Orthodox Judaism; religion; family"

© David Brunetti


Eight years ago, Jerusalem, where I met Yehoram, was my (temporary) home for a few months. Yehoram and his family invited me and a friend for shabbos. Yehoram is a jolly man, we received a very warm welcome from his family and shared a wonderful evening. Towards the end of the dinner he looked at us and declared that my friend and I were good together and we should get married! Whallah. Fun fact, he was right, we are good together and we’ve been together ever since.


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