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"David Brunetti; reportage; photojournalism; documentary; documentary photography; social documentary; social documentary photography; documentary photographer; photography; photo; portrait; portrait photography; portraiture; personal project; personal work; Middle East; Near East; Jordan; Syria; Syrian refugees; migrants; Syrians in Jordan; Syrian refugees in Jordan; refugees; urban refugees; refugee rights; displaced people; conflict; war; civil war; Syrian civil war; arab spring; UNHCR; UN refugee agency; Human Rights"

© David Brunetti

The majority of Syrian refugees have settled in urban areas rather than refugee camps such as Zaatari. Life is Jordan is expensive for the Syrians. Many of the urban refugees struggle to make ends meet. Rents have risen significantly since refugees started to settle in Jordan and many landlords charge refugees exorbitant rents and having spent their saving and sold jewelry, keepsakes and heirlooms many struggle to afford the rents. Families who cannot afford the rents on the housing market, those who have entered Jordan illegally and Syrians who are not (yet) registered with UNHCR are camping out on the outskirts of towns.


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