la mia famiglia by David Brunetti

"David Brunetti Documentary Photographer la mia famiglia Italy"

©David Brunetti

Naturally, I have portrayed my family as long as I’ve taken photographs. La mia famiglia is my longest running project and I’ve honed my skills as a portrait photographer documenting the mundane everyday life of those closest to me.

Living in London I don’t see as much of my family as I would like – as time goes by and everybody grows older the family life I used to know and which seems so fixed and constant once now changes relentlessly everyday that I’m not at home in Rome. This irreversible, rapid change is most noticeable when I look at my baby sister who now has a family and two little boys of her own. The year my sister announced that our family would soon welcome Valerio I realised how much we all had grown, how much change there still was to come and, living in London, I was going to be an observer. My project took a new direction – photography allows me to re-connect, be close to the ones I love and partake in this document of life – it’s the medium to trace and record the changes we are all undergoing – everyone of us.

  1. zia Anna said:

    Che bella la tua famiglia…manca Diego……zia Anna (preferito) bacio

    • Cara zia Anna,
      I am ever so sorry to replay to your message, scusami, che carina che sei,
      In grosso abbraccio

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